City Wants High-Tech Traffic Control

Posted by Columbus Transit On June - 28 - 2010

The City of Columbus wants to invest $36.8 million to purchase a high-tech system that would give traffic controllers direct access to coordinate traffic lights across the city. When traffic backs up because of an accident, congestion, or re-routing, traffic controllers could change lights with a flick of a switch to get cars moving more quickly through intersections.

COTA Offices Move Downtown

Posted by Columbus Transit On June - 28 - 2010

The Central Ohio Transit Authority moved its headquarters downtown recently into the newly remodeled building at 33 North High Street. The $13.6 million renovation of the 10-story downtown building includes a new customer-service counter where passengers can purchase tickets and extensive green features such as energy-saving lighting. COTA is in the process of applying for LEED Certification for the renovation. COTA will utilize seven of the 10 stories and will rent the other three out. Notably, the building does not include parking as COTA employees are expected to utilize the bus.

YPCOTA Kicks Off

Posted by Columbus Transit On June - 17 - 2010

Young Professionals Columbus and COTA have teamed up to encourage 'social transit' through a month-long initiative combining transit with social networking.

New Parking Meter Rates Coming

Posted by Columbus Transit On June - 17 - 2010

Crews are changing the parking meter prices and times on meters in the downtown and Short North area, as well as adding 400 new parking meters to previously free spaces. The changes come after a long debate about how best to up rates to help pay for the construction of a new convention center hotel. The original rate change, pulled from the funding plan for the shelved Columbus Streetcar initiative, upset business owners in the up-and-coming Gay Street area and downtown. A commission revised the plan which was approved and is now being implemented.

Is Columbus Green Enough?

Posted by Columbus Transit On 9:48 PM

The term 'green' has taken on a very different and more complex meaning than simply a color; however, here I am turning back to that original meaning. Is Columbus really green enough? Despite being a Tree City USA for the past 30 years, is Columbus actually gray? The first picture on the right shows a picture of downtown Columbus from Google Earth. The second picture shows a similar picture from Google Earth of the city of Portland, Oregon. This section of Portland is rife with trees.
This blog is meant as a transportation discussion for our city; however, the most basic form of transportation is walking. The success of the Arena District, the Short North, and even Easton Town Center is due to walkability. Does some of that walkability come from tree-lined streets and the ambiance they bring, and is there a lack of greenery downtown? The next picture at right is looking North on High Street towards the Short North. Trees dot that popular street. The fourth picture is from the same point looking South. The two show an obvious divide. Myself, when walking up the Short North, have felt that divide which has stopped me from continuing towards downtown. Perhaps a continuation of the heavy foliage into downtown could help spur the development to continue.

2 Response to "Is Columbus Green Enough?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Certainly some streets downtown are greener than others, and some of the greenspace is utilized moreso than other spaces as well. New trees in the medians along Gay Street are an improvement, but the older trees that line the streets along the eastern side of downtown on streets like Town & Rich are hard to replicate in the short term.


  2. John Said,

    Definitely too gray and too many parking lots, but to be fair Portland's growing season is much longer. If Columbus had Portland's weather, it might be a lot greener too.


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